Akemi Epoxy Remover


Akemi Epoxy Remover


Product Description

Akemi Epoxy Remover

The Akemi Epoxy Remover is used to remove joint mortar based on epoxy resins, residues of resins, sealings and similar contamination on natural and artificial stone, concrete ashlar, clinker and ceramics indoors and outdoors. Easy application also on inclined surfaces due to its liquid to slightly viscous consistency.


Surface: Rough, Fine-ground, Ground, Satinated, Bush-hammered, Sand blasted, Antique, Sawn, Raugh sawn, Rough, Polished, Flamed
Chemical basis: Water-based
Method of application: Wide brush, Scrubber, Brush, Manual
Cleaning: Removal of stains & special cleaning
Material: Natural stone, Marble and limestone, Granite, Ceramics, Terrazzo, Slate, Concrete ashlar, Cotto, Stones sensitive to acides
Area of application: Flooring & stairs, Garden & terrace
Concentration: Ready-to-use


  1. The surface to be treated must be dry.
  2. Working temperature 10-30C; avoid direct sunlight. Protect surfaces from rain during application.
  3. Briefly shake before use
  4. Prepare a sample area before starting work in order to ascertain consumption, reaction time and efficiency of the product.
  5. Apply evenly with an alkali- and solvent-resistant brush, mop or roll.
  6. On freshly grouted plates (1 to 5 days) the reaction time is 30 to 60 minutes. In case of older or stubborn epoxy resin films the reaction time may be 4 t 6 hours, whereas the cleaning film must not dry during that period of time. If necessary wet with fresh epoxy remover. Support the cleaning process every 10 to 20 minutes by brushing or scrubbing.
  7. Carefully remove softened layers with a high-pressure cleaner or a jet of water and brush or a mop. Always brush diagonally to the joints.
  8. Rinse with plenty of water afterwards.
  9. Repeat process if necessary.