Akemi Impregnation Remover


Akemi Impregnation Remover


Product Description

Akemi Impregnation Remover

The AKEMI Impregnation Remover is a concentrated, highly alkaline cleaning agent based on inorganic bases with non-ionic surfactants and additives. The surfactants contained are biodegradable in correspondence with the legal regulations for surfactants.

The AKEMI Impregnation Remover is used for the removal of color intensifications caused by impregnations as well as for heavy dirt (e.g. residue of lacquers) on natural stone, concrete ashlar, ceramics, bricks and clinker. The product is ideal for floor covers. Due to its gel-like consistency it is applicable also on vertical surfaces, e.g. facades and wall coverings.


Surface: Rough, Fine-ground, Ground, Satinated, Bush-hammered, Sand blasted, Antique, Sawn, Raugh sawn, Rough, Polished, Flamed
Chemical basis: Water-based
Method of application: Scrubber, Mop, Brush, Single disc machine, Manual
Cleaning: Removal of stains & special cleaning
Material: Natural stone, Marble and limestone, Granite, Concrete ashlar, Stones sensitive to acides
Area of application: Kitchen, Flooring & stairs, Garden & terrace
Concentration: Concentrate
PH value: Alkaline


  1. Apply undiluted or diluted (up to 1:5 with water) with a firm brush,
    sponge or mop to the absolutely dry stone. Optimum application at
    an object temperature of 15 – 25°C.
  2. Let it work for at least 30 minutes, if necessary up to 24 hours; use
    a brush or scrubber to support the cleaning process.
  3. Avoid drying of the surface. It is recommended to keep it humid by
    means of a fine jet of water or with AKEMI® Impregnation Remover.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water until any excess of the product is
  5. In case of strong color intensification, repeat the procedure on the
    dry stone