Akemi Liqui Polish Universal


Akemi Liqui Polish Universal


Product Description

Akemi Liqui Polish Universal White

The AKEMI Liqui Polish Universal increases the gloss level of pre-ground and polished hard and soft stone surfaces. Liqui Polish Universal is available in two versions: “black” for dark stone and “white” for light stone. The product is used for reworking or restoration of hard and soft stone workpieces, e.g. window sills, corners and edges, kitchen countertops, washbasins, drain surfaces, tombs, small areas and reliefs. Furthermore, light acid etching stains can be removed from marble and limestone.


  • universally applicable for hard and soft stone
  • flowing, creamy consistency
  • easy dosing
  • odorless
  • slightly alkaline
  • wax-free
  • gentle grinding and polishing procedure (no weakening of structure)
  • work and grinding steps can be saved
  • allows a lasting polish


  1. Shake vigorously before use.
  2. Apply AKEMI® Liqui Polish Universal in the desired amount to the slightly humid surface.
  3. Work the surface to be treated with a humid polishing felt or pad. If necessary, repeat the procedure until the desired gloss level is achieved. To cool the stone surface or the polishing pad it is possible to add some water. It is essential for a successful application to use a felt pad with a density of at least 0.56 to 0.64 g/cm³. We recommend to use the AKEMI Liqui Polish Pad.
  4. Depending on the specific type of stone, the surfaces must be pre-grounded and free of scratches. Principally, dense limestone, onyx and marble (coarse-fine crystalline) must be pre-ground to a grain size of 400. Subsequently polish with AKEMI Liqui Polish Universal. With hard stone, the situation is different; it is not possible to save as many grinding passes as with soft stone. Plutonic rock, such as granite, syenite, quartz syenite, orthogneiss, anorthosite, aplite, peridotite, larvikite, granodiorite, diorite, gabbro and tonalite should be ground conventionally up to a grain size of 1500. Then the treatment is carried out until polishing with AKEMI Liqui Polish Universal. Dense effusive rocks, such as rhyolite, granite porphyry, dacite and alkaline effusive rocks, such as andesite, diabase, picrite, lamprophyre, dolerite and other metamorphic rocks, such as granulite and metasomatic quartz should be ground conventionally to a grain size of 3000 and subsequently polished with AKEMI Liqui Polish Universal.
  5. Grinding residues can be removed from the stone surface with AKEMI Stone Cleaner