Bohle Veribor Aluminum Double Suction Cup


Bohle Veribor Aluminum Double Suction Cup


Product Description

Bohle Veribor Aluminum Double Suction Cup

The Bohle Veribor Aluminum Double Suction Cup is the ideal device for lifting and transporting gastight sheet materials. Independently of the material, the suction lifter carries a weight of up to 60 kg, including a two-fold safety factor. The design of the suction lifter is high quality and functional at the same time. While large suction heads enable an optimum distribution of vacuum pressure along the external rim of the rubber pad, the wide contact area of the levers ensures an ideal force absorption when engaging the lever – no matter whether this is done with the ball of the hand or the thumb. Large washers provide additional safety for the levers. Manufactured with tested Bohle quality.
Veribor is a quality brand of Bohle Group. The products have been developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany since 1953 – with a special focus on safety and ergonomics thanks to a multi-stage test procedure. They are free from carcinogenic hydrocarbon compounds (PAH).


  • High quality Veribor suction lifter with two suction heads
  • 132 lbs carrying capacity with two-fold safety factor
  • For all gastight surfaces
  • Made of lead-free aluminum
  • Free from carcinogenic hydrocarbon compounds (PAH)
  • Made in Germany

Technical Data

Type of vacuum generation Lever-Activated Suction Lifters
Load capacity 132 lbs
Lifting direction parallel
Material of Suction Lifter aluminum
Surface geometry flat
Suction pad ø 120 mm
Number of suction pads 2
Vacuum gauge no
GS certified no

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