Concrete Solutions Acid Stain Systems


Concrete Solutions Acid Stain Systems

Product Description

Acid Stain, by Concrete Solutions Rhino Linings, provides a decorative, multi-color antiqued finish over polymer concrete overlays and regular concrete. Available in 11 standard colors and sold in 1 gallon pails.

Sold in 1 Gal container

Acid Stain enhances old and new concrete surfaces by creating multi-hued coloring effects that resemble the look of marble, weathered leather, natural stone or seascape blues and greens.

These colors are created by a chemical reaction between the blended metallic salts in the acid stain, and the hydrated lime in the surface of the hardened concrete.

Concrete Acid Stain is becoming increasingly more popular among homeowners, business owners and architects by providing a new, decorative alternative to traditional types of flooring.

Key Features:

  • Applied using an acid resistant pump-up sprayer, acid resistant scrub brush or Concrete Solutions sponge roller
  • Use on existing concrete surface
  • Endless custom design possibilities
  • Lower cost
  • Less maintenance
  • Each job is unique

Uses & Applications:

  • Provides variegated and translucent coloring effects to regular concrete and polymer concrete surfaces.
  • Can be used straight out of the container or diluted from 1 part up to 20 parts water to achieve lighter or darker shades of color and applied in one or more coats.
  • Can also be mixed together or applied over different colors of Spray-Top to create your own unique colors.

Coverage Rate:

150-200 ft² per gallon, per application, depending on the porosity of the surface and dilution rate.

Additional Information


Autumn Blaze, Avocado, Canyon Gold, Earthstone, English Leather, Island Blue, Midnight Black, Sea Green, Sunset Red