Diatex TITANIUM Hard Quartzite Saw Blade


Diatex Titanium Hard Quartzite Saw Blade


Product Description

Diatex Titanium Hard Quartzite Saw Blade

Diatex has created a line of diamond blades designed for cutting natural quartzites.

The continuous need of fabricators to obtain an even more performing product on Brazilian quartzites has prompted Diatex to create TITANIUM, an innovative diamond blade designed to guarantee single-pass cutting, without a continuous blade dressing and actually reducing the current machine stops to a minimum.

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The tool supplied with 15 mm high MIX segments, is made with a special alloy capable of minimizing the effort of the saw and allowing an excellent finishing on the edge of the slab.

The guarantees of TITANIUM:

  • Excellent cutting quality on both the top and bottom of the edge
  • Single pass cutting of quartzites with 20 mm thickness.
  • Suitable for cutting all the following quartzites:


  • Recommended for straight and miter cuts
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY

Natural Hard Quartzite cutting blade for bridge saws. Also, ideal for the cutting of very hard granite.
This quartzite cutting blade is now available in diameter 400 mm (16”) – 450 mm (18”)  – 500 mm (20”) .

Quartzite is one of the hardest natural materials to cut. It is hard but at the same time fragile.
This is a diamond blade designed specifically to cut natural quartzite, has “MIX segments” to facilitate the flow of water, and is made with diamond grain for very hard materials.
To obtain good cutting quality and long life, the blade must be used as follows:

  • Blade rotation: 1460 rpm (for diameter 400mm – 16”).
  • Cutting speed  in a single pass: 0,7 meter/min;
  • 1.3 meter/min (if you cut in 2 steps);
  • For the miter cutting reduce the cutting speed by 40%;
  • At entry and exit (25 cm max) slow down by 30%;

Granite fabricators use this blade to cut hard quarzite such as:

  • Super White
  • Magma Gold
  • Quarzite Portoro
  • White Pearl
  • Mont Blanc
  • Quarzite Cristallo
  • Quarzite Donatello
  • Quarzite Fusion Wow Red
  • Quarzite Macaubas

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14"in Silent, 16" Silent

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