Dominator Grinding Cup Wheels 4in



Dominator Grinding Cup Wheels (dark green)


Product Description

Dominator Grinding Cup Wheels 4in

Dominator Grinding Cup Wheels 4in. Aggressive Diamond Grinding Wheel used to remove a lot of material quickly and easily.

Super Premium Cup Wheel has been proven time and time again to have long life and uncompromising performance which is why it is favored by professionals. Used for fast shaping, smoothing rough surfaces or preparing the surface for lamination. Features a standard female 5/8″-11 thread.

  • No wobble.
  • Grinds to the core.
  • Coarse, Medium, Fine grits available.

Designed for shaping and stock removal on granite, marble, concrete and other natural stone.

Turbo design is ideal for fast and smooth grinding

Use dry or wet

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4" Coarse, 4" Medium, 4" Fine