Faber Scratch Off Kit



Faber Scratch Off Kit

Product Description

Faber Scratch Off Kit

System for the recovery of scratches and defects from polished porcelain stoneware. Polished porcelain stoneware, despite being an extremely resistant material, can get scratched. This can happen during the handling of the slabs or following installation operations, but even normal, daily use can produce abrasions. Allows to restore scratches and abrasions from polished porcelain stoneware in a fast, simple and clean way.

Kit Includes

• 1 – SCRATCH OFF CLEANER Concentrated product to clean the surface before the restoration treatment.

• 1 – SCRATCH OFF LIGHT Restoration treatment for light colored surfaces.

• 1 – SCRATCH OFF DARK Restoration treatment for dark colored surfaces.

• 2 – FAB K: Specific pad to apply SCRATCH OFF LIGHT or SCRATCH OFF DARK treatments.

• 1 – WHITE PAD: Tool to be used for preliminary and final cleaning of the surface.


Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 20 × 5 in

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