Fillachip Chip Repair System Starter Kit



FillaChip Stone Repair System

Product Description

The FillaChip Starter Kit has everything you need to fix nicks, chips and gouges! In this kit, you’ll get 2 UV flashlights, 4 syringes with 3cc’s of FillaChip glue, 1 syringe with 3 cc’s of polish, 10 dispensing tips and 8 plastic release sheets; everything you need to quickly repair chips to a perfect finish. This is the new kit with an additional flashlight, new foam design to firmly hold syringes in the case and securely store 10 syringes, a thinner case design, a strong case with hinges and locking slides, and extra storage areas! FillaChip is the newest innovation in stone repair. If you need an on-the-job-site repair solution for nicks, chips and gouges, FillaChip is it! Made by a fabricator for the fabricator, it is super fast and amazingly repairs stone to a perfect finish.

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