Hard Rock 90 Degree Seam Setter


Hard Rock 90 Degree Seam Setter


Product Description

Hard Rock 90 Degree Seam Setter

The Hard Rock 90 Degree Seam Setter are used to hold slabs together in waterfalls (counters) or inside corners (if inverted). It’s 6″ suction cups are designed to be used on any type of stone. The Hard Rock Seam Setter are sold in pairs with a protective case.

APPLICATION: Right angle stone seam setter is designed to make two workpieces at bevel 45 degree to be a 90 degree angle for various materials like quartz, natural stone or other similar stone material and be widely used for kitchen island and bar counter.

MATERIAL: The main body of 90 degree stone seam setter is made of high quality aluminum, and thick vacuum cups with strong adsorption to wear, durable to use.

Advantage: Professional countertop slab installation tool has two 6-inch hand pump vacuum suction cups for fixing on the table and two fine-tuned adjustable knobs for precise leveling.

MAKE WORK EASY: This stone seam setter proprietary, non-marking vacuum cups won’t stain surfaces. It is Ideal for mitered aprons, butt-joints, compound corners, and inside corners. Save labor effect and easy to use.