Hard Rock White Q Plus Blade


Hard Rock White Q Plus Blade


Product Description

Hard Rock White Q Plus Blade

The Hard Rock White Q Plus Blade is the highest quality product you will find for cutting granite slabs. It’s 20mm segments will provide you with long life and fast aggressive cuts. It has a split sandwich segment designed to give you the most aggressive cuts on hard granite for a silent core blade. This blade has one of the fastest cutting speeds of any segmented diamond blade on quartzite/engineered stone, granite. This free-cutting blade is designed for wet cutting on a bridge saw. It will give aggressive smooth cuts when used on granite and other slabs. It can be run with high performance on both low and high powered bridge saws. If you run a bridge saw you owe it to yourself to put this blade to work. It will give you the cheapest cost per cut. Available in 14″ & 16″.

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14", 16"