Icon Knifegrade Adhesive


Icon Knifegrade Adhesive


Product Description

Icon Knifegrade Adhesive

The Icon adhesive is a high adhesion, specialized polymer blend colorless adhesive. For use with natural stone, quartz, ceramics, porcelains and dense surfacing material. ICON is perfect for application with light or white substrates. Icon can be used under strenuous bonding conditions. Uses include bonding, laminating, miters, installation of pieces, and repairs. Uses BPO hardening paste at 2% for best color and cure.


  • 5-7 minutes of working time
  • Track-Free in 15 to 30 min
  • Strong as epoxy
  • UV resistant
  • Machinable in 20-30 minutes
  • Translucent Clear formulation
  • Knife Grade will not seg on vertical surfaces
  • Flowing also available
  • Shore D Hardness >80


  1. Make sure stone surfaces are clean of any substance and dry.
  2. Measure out the appropriate amount of ICON adhesive, then measure out the appropriate amount of hardener. 2-3% hardener to adhesive.
  3. Next carefully mix the components together. be careful to scrape the sides and bottom of mixing cup to ensure thorough mixing.
  4. Do not use once gelling has begun.
  5. Clean with Acetone or Denatured Alcohol.


Additional Information


Quart, 1 Gal

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