KGS Swiflex SDA Diamond Pads 4″


KGS Swiflex SDA Diamond Pads


Product Description

The KGS Swiflex SDA technology uses proprietary prcesses to optimize the efficiency of diamond in grinding and polishing applications. Designed for wet and dry use. Very flexible and great for polishing curves while achieving the highest quality gloss and polish. Excellent for porcelain, especially light colored materials.

Benefits for grinding and polishing natural stone and composite

  1. Designed for DRY and Wet use
  2. Grinds and polishes faster than conventional abrasives
  3. Grinds flatter and more precisely
  4. Easy to use, less grinding steps
  5. Very flexible, allows polishing of inside curves
  6. Works on many materials, granite, marble and engineered stone
  7. The quality of gloss and polish is achieved easier and faster
  8. Outperforms conventional abrasives at every grit size
  9. Less process waste

Available grits 60, 12o, 200, 4oo, 800, 1500 and 3000

Additional Information


60, 120, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000