Newgrind Rhino RXL1000 Heavy Duty Grinder


Newgrind Rhino RXL1000 Heavy Duty Grinder

Product Description

Rhino RXL1000 Heavy Duty Grinder

The RXL1000 boasts many of the same features as the RL500, including quick belt change technology, biased weight system and a multi-articulating handle.

In addition, this innovative grinding machine is equipped with a power tilt function so that you are able to easily change tooling on the six 11” tool plates in under 5 minutes!

The RXL1000 is best suited to contractors and companies specializing in grinding and polishing large commercial facilities.

With a 32” footprint this grinder fts through a standard size door.

The RXL1000 is self-propelled with variable speed forward and reverse options, which help eliminate operator fatigue common to other grinders of this size.

Additional Information

Weight 1200 lbs