Pulse-Bac Pro Series Industrial HEPA Vacuums


Pulse-Bac Pro Series Industrial HEPA Vacuums

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Product Description

Pulse-Bac Pro Series Industrial HEPA Vacuums

The PRO Series is the newest addition to the Pulse-Bac line-up. The successor to the legendary 1000 Series and like the 1000 Series, it offers a large array of power and collection options. It also has new features designed to improve usability and durability. Built to capture dust generated by surface preparation equipment, power tools and for jobsite cleanup, the PRO Series excels at work involving dust from concrete, drywall, wood, asbestos, and many other materials. With a lineage of legendary performance & innovative improvements, the PRO Series is sure to be the choice of professionals.

Features & Benefits

Pulse-Bac Pro Series Industrial HEPA Vacuums

PRO SERIES Power Options

If there is one thing that sets the PRO Series apart it’s the large array of configurations. This is because any of the 3 vacuum heads can be fitted to any of the 3 collection options. The heads themselves are identical on the outside and it’s on the inside where the difference is found. The most noticeable difference is the power plant driving the different models. Each model offers unique benefits to help you tailor the vacuum to your particular application.

1050 Motor Illustration


The PRO-176 is comparable with our 1050 but with more lift. It offers 176 CFM & 97″ of lift this unit and will provide excellent performance for hand grinders, hammer drills, and other hand tools as well as smaller walk-behind grinders, like edge grinders.

1050 Motor Illustration


The PRO-225 offer performance similar to our classic 1150 model is a significant step up in power and duty-cyle from the PRO-176. With 225 CFM and 110″ of Lift the PRO-225 is great for mid-sized walk behind grinders, larger drills & demolition hammers. The PRO-225 has the highest Lift(air pressure) available in the PRO Series for better pick up. Combine it with the optional Integrated Floor Sweep for easy clean up between grits or before finishes.

1050 Motor Illustration


The successor to our flagship 1250 model the PRO-311 is versatile and powerful and is ideal for many different applications. With 311 CFM & 70″ of Lift the 1250 offers the most airflow available in the PRO Series. The PRO-311 can cover all the ground of the PRO-176 & PRO-225 but can also provide unmatched dust collection for larger walk behind grinders, concrete saws, paver saws and mid-sized stationary tools like table saws.

20 gallon tank colletion option

20 Gallon Tank

This is where it all started, our traditional 20 gallon tank has been a tried and true job site companion for many construction pros and manufacturers for well over a decade.  Made from 16 gauge, cold rolled U.S. steel and powder coated to prevent rust, the 20 Gallon tank will provide years of trouble free use. Standard features include a removable 5 caster steel dolly with non-marking casters and 3 grip handles to assist in dumping.

Longopac Bagger Vacuum

Revolution 360 Bagger

The Revolution 360 Bagger is strong, durable and maneuverable. Made of 12 gauge U.S. steel and powder coated to prevent rust, this unique bagger design allows the user to grab and go from any direction and the 360 glide design dances around corners and through doorways. Equipped with our patented Easy Empty Valve System that allows you to dump dust and debris without turning the vacuum off and features the Longopac Endless Bagging system.


Model CFM Lift HEPA Collection Weight Current Voltage
PRO-176 176 97″ Single-Stage 20 Gal. Tank/Longopac/55 Gal. Drum 30 lbs.(Head) 12.5A/6.6A 110V/220V
PRO-225 225 110″ Single-Stage 20 Gal. Tank/Longopac/55 Gal. Drum 30 lbs.(Head) 15.1A/7.8A 110V/220V
PRO-311 311 70″ Single-Stage 20 Gal. Tank/Longopac/55 Gal. Drum 30 lbs.(Head) 15.5A/7.9A 110V/220V


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PRO 176 20 Gal Tank, PRO 176 Revolution 360 Bagger, PRO 225 20 Gal Tank, PRO 225 Revolution 360 Bagger, PRO 225 Motor, PRO 311 20 Gal Tank, PRO 311 Revolution 360 Bagger, PRO 311 Motor