Raimondi Fido Tile Support


Raimondi Fido Tile Support

Product Description

Raimondi Fido Tile Support

Particularly useful for laying large format tiles

Comfortable, stable & safe support during operation

Ergonomic design distributes the weight of the body in an optimum manner relieving fatigue.

• It comes with 4 white removable rubber feet (ant-slip and anti-stain): “FIDO” can be used (without feet) on adhesive already spread on the floor without disturbing the adhesive bed or (with feet) on installed tiles.

• Supplied in captivating packaging.

• Fido is an extremely useful tool when restoring vacuum into suction cups after back buttering (if needed). In fact, you need to apply pressure on the back of the tile to recreate vacuum and Fido allow to do that without removing/ruin the adhesive pattern.