Stone Pro Tan 17″ Buffing Floor Maintenance Pad


Stone Pro 17″ Tan Buffing Floor Maintenance Pad

Product Description

Tan Buff Floor Maintenance Pad

Use with floor machines up tp 800 RPM

For dry buffing and light cleaning. Removes light scuff marks and dirt while shining floors.

For use with ultra high speed machines (1,500-3,000 RPM) on harder finishes or in high traffic areas. Produces brilliant wet-look in gloss. Designed for exceptional durability, life and superior mark removal.

  • Used for buffing or limited spray cleaning on harder finishes and high traffic conditions.
  • Made of polyester fiber in a non woven web having resins throughout and bonded to the web structure.
  • Produces good gloss improvement while removing scuffs and marks.
  • Exceptional durability and life.