Stone Pro White Floor Maintenance Pads


Stone Pro White Floor Maintenance Pads

Product Description

Stone Pro White Floor Maintenance Pads

White Super Polish Floor Maintenance pad
Use with floor machines up to 3000 RPM
Extra fine pads for polishing clean dry floors. Use dry or with restorative chemicals to produce a wet look gloss.

  • Thicker pad with open web structure for longer life and less loading
  • Manufacturing process efficiencies for increased tensile strength and uniform grain distribution
  • Breadth of line for broadest application coverage
  • A non-abrasive polishing/buffing pad, used dry or with a fine mist to yield a mirror gloss shine
  • Produces a mirror gloss shine during polishing low speed polishing

Application: To achieve a consistent finish with a mirror gloss shine and light cleaning applications

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7", 17", 20"