StonePro Granite Countertop Deep Clean, Polish and Protect Kit


StonePro Granite Countertop Clean, Seal and Polish Kit

Product Description

StonePro Granite Countertop Clean, Seal and Polish Kit

Eliminate the guesswork with this all-in-one kit. The StonePro Granite Countertop Kit contains everything needed to deep clean, polish and protect granite countertops.

Included is a step-by-step, easy to follow video showing how to deep clean, remove hard water and mineral deposits, remove or minimize the appearance of scratches, protect the countertop to repel water and oil stains, and finish with a high polish that returns the countertop to it’s factory finish look.

Kit contents:
Ultimate Pro Impregnating NanoSealer (16 oz.)
GP3 – Granite Polish Cream (4 oz.)
Stone & Glass Scrub (16 oz.)
Finishing Touch Spray Ultra (16 oz.)
Crystal Clean Daily Cleaner (16 oz.)
Polish Pro Crystallizer (32 oz.)
Pro Shine (Dark) (4oz.)

Pro Shine (Light) (4oz.)
7” Extreme Hogs Hair Pad
7” Lambs Wool Bonnet Pad
7” White Pad
Easy Mask Tape & Drape
Sealer Applicator
Microfiber Cloths
How-to Video

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