Super Met.Al Squeeze Action Markers


Super Met.Al Squeeze Action Markers

Product Description

This marker contains an oil-based paint that is permanent, dries quickly and is water, weather and fade resistant.  The marking range is -50°F to 150°F.  The stainless steel, spring loaded metal tip makes thin, defined marks and lines and works by gently squeezing the body of the tube and pressing the tip onto the surface of what you wish to mark.  This is a handy tool for use in welding shops, auto repair shops auto salvage yards, machine shops, tool shops, quality control marking/coding, electrical coding, etc.

The Super MET-AL Squeeze Action Paint Marker is the fabricator’s choice marker to draw or color code fine lines or marks on granite, marble slabs and metal parts and assemblies. The marker is both water and weather resistant. Our line of metal marker pens works great on wet, slippery surfaces and the paint can easily be removed with xylene without harming the surface. Excellent for color-coding parts and assembly. The marker is available in assorted vibrant colors.


  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • And More!

Super Met-Al Squeeze Action Metal Marker Features

  • A quick-drying formula, fine lines
  • Heavy-duty, metal tip: 1.4mm stroke width
  • Handy pocket clip on cap
  • Marking Range: -50° through 150°F (-46° to 66°C)

Additional Information


White, Red, Blue