Tuck Concrete Point Blade


Tuck Concrete Point Blade


Product Description

Tuck Concrete Point Blade

Tuck Point Blades are used for tuckpointing or repointing, which is the removal of mortar joints and the preparation of masonry surfaces including concrete, block, bricks, pavers and stone. Tuck Point Blades are designed for repairing grout, cleaning, and routing cement mortar between the joints on masonry walls and bricks. Tuck Point Blades are lazered with Narrow Slots for fast, efficient mortar removal, grout repair and cleaning of concrete applications. Diamond tuck point grinding blades come brazed, polished, sintered, cooling holes, sandwich core design, key hole gullet, v-segment and wide u-gullet. Tuck Point Blades are commonly used by general masonry or tuck point contractors. Standard Tuck Point Diamond Blades provide dependable performance for fast cutting speeds and good blade life. Tuck Point Blades are used with angle grinders, circular saws and tuck pointers for mortar and concrete removal. Dry and wet use.

.375 thickness Lazered, Segment Height 10mm, Narrow Slots, 7/8″, Dry/Wet Use

  • Extended performance diamond matrix for long life and enhanced material cutting
  • Large diamond segments with cobalt is ideal for use across various product applications

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4", 4.5", 5", 7"